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New Episode! Homebirth talk with Paige Barocca, CPM!

We are so excited to finally get this episode polished and out there for you to enjoy. Paige and I enjoyed recording this interview in late March when staying at home was just starting and things were becoming more serious. So I know a lot has changed in the last couple of weeks. But not to worry, everything we discussed is super relevant and important for anyone on the journey to parenthood and interested in homebirth.

Episode Two can be found on Soundcloud here! And very soon, we will be on Spotify and Stitcher.

My intro got a bit of an update thanks to the feedback from friends and the community. I invite you to send me your thoughts and comments.

Paige is a Maryland CPM, which means she is a Certified Professional Midwife supporting families planning to birth at home. Homebirth is a perfectly safe option for most low-risk parents who want a less medical birth experience and are confident in physiological birth. Paige explains how she, like all of the licensed midwives in Maryland, bring emergency equipment, medicines, and years of expertise to every childbirth. I hope that hearing this talk gives you more ideas and thoughts to explore on your own journey.

Just so that everyone is aware, especially during these stressful and emotional times, that at the 26:50 (or thereabouts) minute mark, there is talk about support during loss.

Without further ado... Enjoy Episode Two! A very special interview with Homebirth Midwife, Paige!

Thank you to Moonstone Midwifery for allowing me to share this image. For more information, visit her website and Facebook page!

As Paige so beautifully stated in a Facebook post with the above picture:

"I have to admit, I am still getting used to this new normal.

I became a midwife because I wanted to provide prenatal care that was warm, inviting, and personal. These masks, virtual prenatals, and obsessive cleaning rituals are the opposite. They feel cold, distant, and sterile.

At first glance, you'd think there's nothing warm about our lifestyle right now. Behind my mask is a smile and a familiar voice. My practice offers refuge to those find themselves pregnant in a world that is uncertain and full of panic. My office remains a safe space. My care remains personal, intimate, and individualized.

I became a midwife because I wanted to provide care that was safe, accessible, and compassionate. I am thankful to have the PPE and telehealth capabilities that allow me to continue to do exactly that. In this time of crisis, home birth midwifery care is more important than ever. People are turning to us to care for their families now more than ever. I am here for you. I know that the birth of your baby is sacred. I will do my best to preserve the magic while keeping us all safe in the process. This is not just community midwifery during a global pandemic. This is home birth midwifery every day." - Paige, Moonstone Midwifery, April 6, 2020

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