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Happy World Doula Week!

Hello to all the Doulas and families supported by Doulas! It is a crazy week for sure and we are hoping everyone is staying safe.

This week's highlight is a wonderful Doula who is now focusing on the amazing art she makes of people during pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and feeding. If you have not guessed, I'm talking about Lauren Turner! Lauren is talented in so many ways, but her art especially speaks to me as a Doula. I see the passion and stories being expressed clearly in the way she brings these moments to life.

This interview is more of a conversation between two friends. Not only will you hear about her journey as an artist, but you hear us go off on parenting tangents! haha It's wonderful to hear these stories and to share in this passion. I hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed recording this energetic and fun interview.

Lauren J. Turner Fine Art

Lauren on Facebook

Birth Prep Podcast on Facebook

And thank you to all the Doulas out there this week giving extra love and attention to anxious families, the Doulas who are taking extra good care to stay safe for the sake of their clients, and the many wonderful Doulas who are diving into the realm of virtual support and being present for birthers in distant, new ways.

Listen Now!

Stay well, friends.

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