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Episode Three! Ashley shares her journey into parenthood after loss, medical diagnosis, and IVF.

Hi everyone! After a much need break to focus inward during quarantine, we are back and ready with lots of new episodes! Here comes the first of many incredible interviews and lots of content coming your way.

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This is a very special and wonderful episode. It took me a while to edit this interview because it was just so powerful. Join us and hold space for Ashley today as we listen to her story. Ashley is the only known case of her kind in the world and understandably, her choices were difficult, but hers to make. I will not tolerate any negative commenting or trolls. This episode is about hearing her story, her journey, and getting exciting about her upcoming birth.

At times this episode can feel heavy, but I promise you it is an incredible story! I learned so much during the interview. Ashley is an incredible teacher! We are looking forward to having her on for part two in many months to hear the rest of her story. Thank you, Ashley, for sharing!

Trigger warnings: pregnancy loss, medical discussion, anomalies, termination, IVF, PCOS, Fraser Syndrom, and COVID-19.

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